PrixDuréeMoyens de paiement
15 30 daysAcheter maintenant
(~ $6,9)

30 60 daysAcheter maintenant
(~ $20,7)

90 180 daysAcheter maintenant
(~ $34,5)

180 360 daysAcheter maintenant
(~ $69)

365 730 daysAcheter maintenant

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Max upload file size 1 GB 50 GB 50 GB
Storage space No 1 TB Unlimited
Download speed Very limited Limited Maximum
Remote URL upload No Yes Yes
Download-Accelerators support No Yes Yes
Protect your download links with password No Yes Yes
Downloads resume No Yes Yes
Waiting time before downloading 60 seconds 45 seconds No
Direct Download No Yes Yes
No Captcha No Yes Yes
Presence of advertising Maximum Limited No
When are your files deleted? 30 days after last download 90 days after last download Never

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Resume No Yes Yes
Videos in HD No Yes Yes
Encoding priority No Yes Yes
Viewing time 120 minuts 150 minuts Never
Presence of advertising Maximum Limited No